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AI Software for Broadband Subscriber Acquisition
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Joshua Peace
Head of Marketing
Phone: 732-996-6360
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1920 L St. NW, Ste. 800
Washington, DC 20036
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Call Centers
Information Technology
- Computer Hardware and Software
- Customer Information Systems (CIS)
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About Us

Actifai is a AI-as-a-Service provider serving fiber, cable and fixed wireless operators across North America. By matching potential subscribers with a single optimal offer across providers' call center and digital sales channels, Actifai's customer engagement platform reduces buying complexity and eliminates information barriers to deliver optimized sales outcomes. Actifai's industry-first, AI-powered offer and sales personalization technology enables broadband providers to maximize the value of customer engagements in real-time, helping them achieve up to 30% sales conversion improvement, an average 12% ARPU increase, 6%-11% retention improvement and a 15- to 30-fold return on investment.

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