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Collaborative Efficiency
Clean Energy Benefits for Co-ops and Co-op Members
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Patrick Keegan
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1122 E 43rd Ave
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Patrick Keegan
Phone: 720-331-0018

Demand-Side Management (DSM)
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About Us

Beneficial Electrification is an exciting new strategy that helps co-op members cut overall energy costs as they increase purchases of electricity.  Converting propane heat to heat pumps and utilizing electric vehicles are two approaches with big potential.  Beneficial Electrification also reduces environmental impacts.  Collaborative Efficiency’s main focus is electric co-ops.  We help co-ops explore or implement Beneficial Electrification and other demand-side strategies. We are an affordable and understanding partner to co-ops, G&Ts, or to the organizations that support co-ops, such as statewide associations, nonprofits and NRECA.

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