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ComRent Load Bank Solutions
ComRent, the source for electrical & thermal load
Contact Info
Phone: 301-430-2720
Toll Free: 888-881-7118
Load Bank Expert
Street Address
16201 Trade Zone Avenue, Suite 103
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Load Management
Testing Equipment
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About Us

ComRent is your single source for electrical and thermal load testing. Load Bank Testing is the most flexible testing method to validate the operating condition and output of diesel and gas turbine generators, UPS, batteries, and CRAC systems.

Look to us for:
• Resistive Load Tests – Mimics the operational load that
  a power source will see in the actual application
• Reactive Load Tests – Provides a lagging load to accurately simulate electric motor and pump function
• Capacitive Load Tests – Provides a leading power factor to compensate for power factor correction on the utility
The bottom line: ComRent can test any load from 50+MW to less than 1kW at low or medium voltage.

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