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Medical/Rx provider
CVS Caremark Corporation
Membership Info
- Associate Member - Silver
Contact Info
Phone: (410)267-0259
Fax: (480)314-6439
Lee Shackelford
Director, Strategic Accounts
Street Address
18 Decatur Ave
Annapolis, MD 21403-4411

Medical Services, Prescriptions, Devices
no brands available
About Us
CVS Caremark is one of the largest pharmaceutical services companies in the United States and one of the nationís leading prescription benefit managers (PBMs). More than 70 million plan participants each year receive prescriptions through CVS Caremark, and more than 2,000 plan sponsorsócorporations, insurance companies, managed care organizations, government entities and unionsórely on CVS Caremark. But there is more to CVS Caremark than dispensing prescriptions and managing pharmacy benefit plans. We put our more than 38 years of experience work to help improve health, support better health care decisions, provide value, and enhance the health care experience. CVS Caremark is proud to serve the needs of its participants through prescription benefit services, specialty pharmacy services and AccordantCareô disease management programs. CVS Caremark maintains seven state-of-the-art mail service pharmacies across the United States, operates one of the nationís largest pharmacy networks, and processes approximately 600 million prescriptions at retail and mail pharmacies. It was the first PBM to receive full NCQA disease management accreditation and the first and only PBM to receive full patient and practitioner accreditation.
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