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Exelon Clearsight
T&D Inspections & Software Solutions
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Email: exelonclearsight-info

Phone: (800) 794-9537
Toll Free: (800) 794-9537
Colbey Ryan
General Manager, Electric Utilities
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Colbey Ryan
General Manager, Electric Utilities
Phone: (267) 533-1775

Aerial Devices
- Disaster Planning & Recovery Consulting
- Engineering Consulting & System Design
- Environmental Consulting
- Systems Integration
Emergency Restoration Services
- Infrastructure Restoration
Engineering Software
Information Technology
- Computer Hardware and Software
- Mapping, AM/FM/GIS
- Pole Inspection and Treatment
Software Application Providers
Vegetation Management Services
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About Us

Exelon Clearsight is not your average inspection company. We were created by a utility with an end-to-end integration in the energy business, which gives us balanced perspective and unique insights to deliver superior value for our clients. Our specialized digital inspection solutions help cooperatives maintain system reliability, improve asset performance, manage vegetation, mitigate risks, and satisfy compliance requirements.  

We’re committed to providing innovative solutions and thought leadership to help co-ops adopt safer and more effective inspections. Contact us today for a free demo.

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