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Farmer Mac
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Phone: (202)872-5542
Fax: (202)872-7713
Chris Bohanon
Vice President
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1999 K St NW 4th Fl
Washington, DC 20006-1118

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- Financial and Administrative Services
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About Us

The Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, commonly known as Farmer Mac, was created by Congress to establish a secondary market for agricultural mortgage and rural utilities loans to increase the availability of long-term credit at stable interest rates to segments of rural America. As a stockholder-owned, publicly traded corporation, Farmer Mac (along with its subsidiary, Farmer Mac II LLC) conducts these activities through three Programs: Farmer Mac I, Farmer Mac II and Rural Utilities. Farmer Mac is not a direct Lender; rather, it works with lenders that work directly with borrowers throughout the United States.

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