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IFD Corporation
Distribution transformer internal fault detector
Contact Info
Paul Henault
Vice President, Sales
Phone: 604-734-0105
Street Address
8755 Ash Street Suite 3
Vancouver, BC V6P 6T3
Other Branches
Key Contacts

Paul Henault
Vice President, Sales
Phone: 604-734-0105

Fault Detection
Safety (Cont'd)
- Safety Equipment and Inspection Services
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About Us

The IFD™ sensor is a simple, cost-effective internal fault detector installed in pole top and pad mounted distribution transformers. By detecting and indicating the presence of an internal transformer fault, the IFD helps prevent linemen from re-energizing faulted transformers. It’s a unique device that improves safety for linemen and the public, simplifies the troubleshooting process, and speeds up outage restoration. Over 1.3 million IFDs are installed by over 500 safety and cost-conscious utilities across North America and are trusted to deliver enhanced safety standards, improved system reliability (SAIDI and SAIFI), and operating savings.

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