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Michels Power, Inc.
Contact Info
Josh DeBruine
Vice President Underground Line & Cable
Phone: 920-583-1465
Street Address
817 Main St.
Brownsville, WY 53006

Asset Management
Emergency Restoration Services
- Infrastructure Restoration
Substation Construction
Transmission & Distribution Systems
- T&D Line Construction/Maintenance Services
Wireless Communication
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About Us

To harden systems or for aesthetic reasons, Michels Power plans, builds new underground lines, and converts overhead networks in residential, business, metropolitan and rural settings. Our crews have the experience and equipment to either directly bury or install conduit and ductbanks for solid and stranded conductors and copper, fiber optic and coaxial cable to support power distribution, power transmission, renewables and communications systems. Depending on the situation and ground conditions, Michels Power uses a variety of techniques and equipment to install underground line and cable in the most efficient way.

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