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MrCool, LLC
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Glen Dunkerson
Senior Account Manager
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48 Remington Wy.
Hickory, KY 42051

Energy Efficiency Products & Services
Energy Efficiency Products & Services (Cont'd)
- Heat Pumps
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About Us

MrCool is an innovative, family-owned HVAC manufacturer & distribution company in Western Kentucky. In operation since 2014, we have focused on expanding our product inventory, growing our customer base, and maintaining a steady emphasis on consumer needs and desires. We have “perfect-fit” products from the popular MrCool DIY & traditional high efficiency inverter ductless mini splits, furnaces, and Geothermal units, as well as our innovational 2-3 ton & 4-5 ton Universal series heat pumps. We believe that MrCool is a natural fit for your members looking to save money by using energy-efficient HVAC systems. MrCool is exactly the sort of product that those people will find appealing.

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