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Standard Solar
Contact Info
Phone: 443-350-1776
Eric Partyka
Director of Business Development
Street Address
1355 Piccard Dr Ste 300
Rockville, MD 20850-4336

- Engineering Consulting & System Design
Emergency Restoration Services
- Standby Power Equipment/Interface Equipment
Power Generation
- Power Generation Equipment
- Power Plant Design & Construction
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About Us

When Standard Solar was founded in 2004, few saw the solar industry becoming ubiquitous. But we did. We believed. As the solar industry expanded and evolved, Standard Solar did, too. We partnered with forward-thinking, progressive companies who also believed in the coming of the solar century. Together, we brought ground-breaking projects to life. It doesn’t matter from what part of the solar industry you come. We work with everyone:

Developers, EPCs, Installers, State and Local Governments, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Utilities, Communities, or simply a landowner or investor who wants to help us build the solar century.

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